At Last
and your voice is still my favorite song, my favorite sound, my favorite softness.
At Last
Rin . INFJ . Animanga . England .
"But it was not your fault but mine
And it was your heart on the line"

japan to germany


my house looks darker when you leave.
in the morning, i’m going to be gone and
i’m afraid i didn’t capture enough sentiment
in my goodbye.

you thought i didn’t notice the
way your shoulders sank, your fingers already
curled around a cigarette as you left.

to clarify: i’m not in love with you,
and i’m very sorry for that.
to tell the truth: i don’t know if 
this is the right decision and
i wish you’d asked me to stay.

i promised i’d call but
i don’t think i will.

jeanerens~ ehe


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